The Circle S. Peter, founded in Rome in 1869 by a group of young people, led by Cardinal Iacobini, born from the enthusiasm of young upper-class and noble Roman families, who wanted to show the world your loyalty to the Pope and defend it from attacks by anti-clerical in this difficult moment in the history of the Papacy.
Thus began a flurry of activity through the Catholic press, gather signatures, celebrations and acts of solidarity that, subject to Blessed Pius IX, are greatly appreciated by him. The Pope, with foresight and wisdom, gives them the first duty of charity to play for the poor.
It can thus be said that the approval received in the historical audience is the beginning of many charitable and welfare activities offered by the club to the Diocese of the Pope over a century, the Romans called this charity: the soup of the Pope

Unconditional loyalty to the Church and the Roman Pontiff is the hallmark of the old Sodality, which summarizes his charisma in the motto: Prayer, Action, Sacrifice.

The History of the Popes Through the Circle

The Circle S. Peter is part of the history of Rome, passed through two world wars, disasters, poverty, always new, looking at every juncture to give comfort and aid to the poorest.


The Holy Mass Celebration at the Ville Pontifice di Castel Gandolfo

H.H. The Ambassador Prince Windisch-Graetz with Monsieur De Balkany

The Holy Father with The Chairman of the Circolo San Pietro and The Chairman of St. Peter's Pence The Minister Counsellor Prof. Alberto Bochicchio Minister Counsellor of our Embassy

Charity Commission of the Pope
The Circle, by ancient tradition, it collects the parishes, schools, religious institutes and individuals in the Diocese of Rome, St. Peter's Pence, who is humiliated to the Holy Father during the traditional audience granted to the Society.


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